XPage development for a lower version

chatFrank van der Linden   19 November 2012 09:00:34
Lately I needed to make some enhancements on a customer project.
The customer runs their applications in Domino 8.5.2 server, but I have installed a 8.5.3 Domino Designer.
In earlier versions of Domino that was a problem, because you may be using not compatible design elements, with all the troubles.

In Domino Designer there is a new feauture, who has helped me to make the enhancements.
In the Application properties, on the XPagea tab you can select the Minimum Supported Release.
Image:XPage development for a lower version

For this customer I selected Release 8.5.2 and saved the Application Properties.
After I changed it and I open a XPage and select a 8.5.3 component, like an ext.libx.* element, and I save the XPage I get a warning that the component is not compatible for the Minimum Supported Release version.