2 speakers of e-office at UKLUG on 3 and 4 september

chatFrank van der Linden   21 August 2012 10:59:34
On 3 and 4 september there will be another UKLUG event, this time in Cardiff, Engeland. The location will be the Cardiff University. De UKLUG is one of the biggest Usergroup events of Europe, where IBM/Lotus professionals and user can share there experience and best practices.

There will be 4 full tracks: Admin-Infrastructure, development, Admin, UKLUG. As every year the organisation has a lot of top speakers from the Lotus/IBM Community.

Uffe Sorensen, Social Business & Collaboration Director - IBM Software Group, will be the UKLUG 2012 Keynote Speaker. Two presentations will held by e-office co-workers Frank van der Linden en Sasja Beerendonk.

Yellow and Blue stream - Make use of the Activity Stream, oAuth and XPages in your Social Business applications

Speaker: Frank van der Linden

Track 2 : Development - dinsdag 4 september 09.00-10.00 uur

We have build a system to get access of all this information by using the Activity Stream API, oAuth and XPages Those technics are used to gather information and distribute activities to the colleagues. In our situation we created a webbased client, to consume the information from IBM Connections, Lotus Domino, Google and the Social Business Toolkit. 
During the best practice I will demonstrate the solution and have technical dive how easy it is to develop with tooling IBM provides. (Activity Stream API, XPages, oAuth).

Measure, reward , enhance: leverage user adoption with gamification

Speaker: Sasja Beerendonk

Track 4 : UKLUG - dinsdag 4 september 14.45-15.45 uur

When implementing social software such as IBM Connections within your organisation it is generally accepted that user adoption is key to success. When confronted with social software - which requires a different work manner, behavior and attitude - employees often find themselves clueless how to get started.  Using gamification you can guide your employees step-by-step into the right direction, and take them to a higher level of understanding and using the tool through points, badges, levels and leaderboards. Kudos Badges, Bunchball Level Up, Badgeville and The Hive use gamification techniques to leverage adoption of IBM Connections. 
This presentation will outline how gamification can enhance employees' understanding of Connections and what it takes to collaborate in a social and open manner. What is gamification? What motivates us? How can gamification be used to leverage adoption of Connections so it can contribute to the organisation's business goals? How can gamification make your employees more engaged? From Maslow’s Need to Pink’s Drive you will understand the basic concepts of motivation that gamification uses. You will also see a demo on gamification for Connections and the metrics used to measure and stimulate desired behavior.