My first article for the View

chatFrank van der Linden   24 June 2012 20:26:59
In februari I recieved an email from the View, if I am interested to write an article for The View.
I was very pleased by this request, so my answer was positive.

After exchange of some ideas, we came to de decision that I will write an article about the Social Business Toolkit and how to connect your Domino data.

In March I was very busy with customer projects and presenting at the BLUG and EnwicklerCamp.
So we descided to finish the first draft of the article at the end of April.

The first review was one of lots of comments, that made me realize that the subject is not so common used as I expected.
I had to explain in more details some parts, such as the oAuth principle.
Another thing was to define when is the user in charge and what should be done by a Domino/XPages developer.

End of May, there was a lot of days off in between, we finshed the article and was it ready to be published online.
If you want to read the whole article, you will need access to The View website with your credentials

In the next release of The View magazine my article will be part of it.
Here is the link to the online version