Technical details of our new corporate website

chatFrank van der Linden   10 February 2010 14:30:00
The 1st of february our new corporate website has gone live.

I want to share some technical details.
First of all is build with xpages, frontend and backend.
Domino 8.5.1 is used.

Front end
Design is made by Gijs Lokker
In the frontend we don't use anything of Dojo, almost every property referred to Dojo was set to false.
The reason we dont't use Dojo in the frontend is performance.

The only framework we use is JQuery. A colleague has build a Jquery plugin to enable OCS on the website.

Image:Technical details of our new corporate website
In the backend we use lots of Dojo elements.

For the homepage and subhomepages we use a Flash component, who is communicate with the Notes database by XML.
The Flash component allow the content managers to add, delete and edit the visuals. Also is it possible to move te visuals around to the required position. The new/edit parameters are saved to the Notesdatabase.

For navigation of the content documents we use the Xpage Tree control. I made some modifications to this control to display the status of the document as a icon. The second modification of the control gave the Onclick event a link.

Image:Technical details of our new corporate website

In a content document you can specify a layout, 1 till 3 columns.
For every layout you can specify some content blocks.
For example you can select Twitter for a certain Block, afterwards you only have to fill in the username.
Image:Technical details of our new corporate website

One of the requirements was to enable RSS feeds on the website.
For the aggrigation of the feeds we have installed RNews, it's Open Source. A colleaque, Marco van der Laan, made some modification so authorized feeds, Connections, could be fetched. You can also delete entries from a feed.
And I made a RSS custom control to present the feeds.

A colleague, Rene Paul, made a modification to the Dojo Link Dialog javascript file. After the modification the content managers were able to select the target of the link and get 'Test' button, to test if the link is valid.
Image:Technical details of our new corporate website