Up comming events in May and June 2012

chatFrank van der Linden   14 May 2012 11:52:14
The next 2 months will be busy for me, by attending and speaking. I also will host a Summerschool session at e-office.

NLLUG ( 15 and 16 May 2012 )
I will attend NLLUG and also host a session about the power of XPages in comparing with 'Classic Domino Development'. It will be a starter session, with lots of examples. Via Bruce Elgort I recieved some (??) OpenNTF, so I will try to be the stickerboy of OpenNTF and spread the OpenNTF message. There will be others who can help me ;-)
On the booth of e-office there will be some hardcopies of the second Cheatsheet, The Social Tools by David Leedy and IBM. So drop by at the booth to recieve one, may be I will be there also.

DNUG ( 12 and 13 June 2012 )
At the DNUG event I will be there only on tuesday 12 June, In the afternoon I will do a session about the Yellow And Blue Stream and how to connect your Domino apps to the Activity Stream om Greenhouse, using oAuth etc. The base of the Yellow And Blue Stream session  is the book written by Roland Hameeteman.
Will stay overnight, because the evening event at formerly mine will be till late.

DominoPoint Days ( 21 and 22 June 2012 )
At DominoPoint 2012 I will do a session about Source Control and how to set up Domino Designer to interact with Source Control. For example I will use CVS, because internally at e-office we use this Source Control system.

Summerschool ( 4 July and 8 August )
At e-office we organize several years the Summerschool. This are sessions/workshops about IBM, Microsoft, mobile technology and adoption etc.. I will do an introduction workshop for Domino Developers to show them the power of XPages.

Looking forward to meet everbody at several events.
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